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Are you familiar with The Predictive Index?

It has generated significant buzz within the community. This product has been recognized as a top performer by industry experts and is trusted by major companies such as AirBnB and Hubspot, solidifying its position as the leading solution in the market.  

This innovative online tool is a game-changer that you wouldn’t want to overlook.  Experience the power of our cutting-edge tool by taking the 6-Minute Behavioral Assessment now. Utilizing the Predictive Index assessment tool can help your business become a market leader and achieve success. 

 Our product offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining various processes, including behavioral and cognitive testing, job designs, and target setting and is supported by more than 65 years of scientific research! Utilizing automation technology is a valuable asset for businesses to optimize their operations.


Achieving maximum potential in business requires talent optimization, which involves identifying, acquiring, and enhancing the skills that differentiate you from your competitors. Our company focuses on optimizing talent, developing skills, and fostering a success mindset. 

 Talent optimization can help achieve success in the business world by identifying and attracting highly qualified candidates, aligning them with suitable job positions, conducting effective interviews, and fostering their professional development. By optimizing talent, businesses can gain a significant competitive advantage.

Our company prioritizes talent optimization, success mindset, and career development. We provide your organization and employees with a powerful, research-based online software platform designed to aid in the identification, growth, and retention of valuable personnel. Investing in Talent Optimization is essential for businesses as per SHRM, the average cost of replacing a single employee is $53,000.00!   

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Employees used to wait to be told what to do. They now own the process, thanks to the Cultural transformation led by Carlos Conejo. In addition, our line changeovers and set-ups went from 2 1/2 hours, down to 35 Minutes, with only two vs. five mechanics previously!

-CFO, Contract Manufacturer for Famous Brands Lotions & Creams


When we first started our Lean Journey with Carlos, we were a $17 Million-a-year company.  We just hit $100!

-Director of Manufacturing,  Commercial Coffee Equipment