Supervisor and Managers Playbook

This book is designed to help employees with basic, intermediate, and advanced supervisory and leadership skills that you can use right away to get a handle on your situation.

Answer Yes or No

  • Are you are a new Supervisor or Manager… and are wondering…”Now what?”
  • Were you promoted because you were a good worker, and now you are shifting from Peer to Boss… Now what?
  • Have you tried all kinds of different ways to get employees to pay attention to their work?
  • Have you tried to tap employee talent in your organization or company, but you are unsure if you have the skills and knowledge?
  • Are you finding that your day is consumed with fighting fires, rather than proactively planning to get more jobs through?

If the answer to any one of these is “yes,” then this book is for you.

This book is designed for individuals that are currently in a supervisor or manager’s position, but who have not gone through proper training to learn effective ways to deal and manage the daily work.

You were probably a good…strike that…You ARE probably a great employee, you have great command of your work, you get the work out, whatever it takes.

It is always good quality work, and you are the GOLD STANDARD or one of the most proficient people doing the job. You could even be the “Best Practice,” the BMOC or BWOC and your management promoted you to run your department.

Management called you in and “POOF” made you a Supervisor or “Voluntold” you to be a Manager! They threw a few extra bucks your way, and you were excited at first, maybe thought about it… a little bit, but were excited to make a difference. The extra pay wasn’t too shabby, either. And here you are… trying to figure it all out.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, it’s a good day, but most of the time it’s like the license plate frame that says: “Get in, Sit-down, Shut Up and…Hold-on!” Whoa!

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Get the book, and get on the road to becoming an effective and great Leader!