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Lean is about eliminating the waste in your process. Six Sigma is about eliminating the variation. Variation is the enemy. You have to implement Lean first, otherwise you just optimize your waste. We help you with BOTH!

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Three and Five Day Kaizen Events

Also known as a Kaizen "Blitz", an area or department is identified on the Enterprise Value Stream Map. We pre-plan the approach and improvement strategies with your team and schedule either three or five days of concentrated & FOCUSED effort. We usually target a 50% IMPROVEMENT (see "Free Stuff" for a Free Team Charter!).

5S/6S Services

Whether it’s basic lean training, Red-tagging, cleaning, painting, striping floors, or workplace organization and re-design, or major demolition for significant workplace transformation.

Equipment Placement - We even have a couple of “Mr. Wizard guys” that’ll help you design specialized equipment.

We have a strategic Alliance with a Robotics firm and a Shelf-storage Provider

Legos Airplane Simulation

Half-Day or Full-Day Lean Experience

In this interactive, hands-on session, participants work on a small Legos production line experiencing typical production or transactional problems and applying Lean practices to overcome them. Up to 24 participants per group, divided into four teams, will learn:

  • Systems thinking, push vs. pull systems
  • 8 Deadly Wastes
  • Line balancing
  • Takt time vs Cycle Time
  • In-Process Kanban
  • Push vs “Pull” Systems
  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Kaizen Philosophy, and more

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